We take to heart the lessons that have been learnt and apply them to our current projects.


We are constantly searching for new ideas, new concepts, new ways, new paths and innovative approaches.


Our team is made up of real professionals, business experts with many years of knowledge and experience.


Businesses are ultimately about the people that operate them, the people they interact with and the people that do business with them. In reality people are a key component of the success of any company

What we do?

Bouchard Fintech


Companies have unique needs and requirements as they go through their respective growth cycles. Clearly each stage has its own set of business, sales, financing and growth issues. Cognizant of these facts and well-aware of the many challenges that companies can face, we have an organization in place that is truly focused on helping and assisting companies with their financing goals. That part of our company is known as Bouchard Ventures.


Bouchard Mining

We are a team of sophisticated and experienced investment experts. We have experience and expertise in digital currencies and crypto currencies. At Bouchard Fintech, we have a number of investment services and options.

One specialized area of our expertise is specifically designed for investors that are interested in digital currencies and crypto currencies. Our range of services is aimed at new investors, at experienced investors and also at those investors that are more established.

Brokerage Services

We hire only the highest-quality professionals. Our experienced and wise financial managers, analysts and investment strategy-builders create the perfect foundation for comfortable and efficient trading. Our activities enable the building of a strong bond between blockchain technologies and the more classical types of investments.


Bouchard Capital

We offer specialized services help, support, assistance, advice and consultations within the capital markets. We have a wide range of expert services and specialty offerings. Since we are flexible, we can tailor our efforts to best suit the requirements and needs of our clients.

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Bouchard Fintech

Over time, our founders helped to set up a fine business culture and real business values for subsequent team members to follow. We have a commitment to our own team and to individuals and companies that we do business with. We believe in doing business correctly and professionally.

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Bouchard Fintech is a well-established investment organization with a talented team and a global reach. We offer a wide range of financial and investment services in many business sectors, markets, fields and locations. It should be noted that Bouchard Fintech is one company and that we operate various business divisions.


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