Bouchard Crypto was created for the organization and management of investment foundations.

Are you interested in the classical financial markets, or would you like to work in the decentralized economy? We provide the entire necessary infrastructure for you to do so.

Bouchard Financial Group is a company that is active in trading and financial technologies. The company is incorporated in Canada and has been active in this field since 2007. One division of the Bouchard Financial Group is Bouchard Crypto. This branch of the company has experience within the automatic investment interfaces field, asset management tools as well as the creation and management of investment foundations.

Block chain technology has made it possible to make operations transparent, decentralized and reach new global levels. Good results are achieved by using our technologies and combining those with our vast experience. The utilization of our technologies can be made independently and can also be carried out in combination with other investment groups.

We hire only the highest-quality professionals. Our experienced and wise financial managers, analysts and investment strategy-builders create the perfect foundation for comfortable and efficient trading. Our activities enable the building of a strong bond between blockchain technologies and the more classical types of investments.

The services that are provided by our company will help you to extend the limits of your investment possibilities. You can use the blockchain instruments to carry out your financial trading objectives. Today, these instruments are very popular among investors and traders. They are also in high demand not only in the decentralized economy segment of trading but also in the classical financial markets.

Bouchard Crypto strives to retain the highest positions in the tokenized investment foundations and instruments. We work hard to make everything simple, effective and comfortable.

Our Goals

Our main goal is to provide the very best conditions for working with cryptocurrencies and tokenized foundations. Our interests also include the familiar financial instruments as well as crypto assets which are now very popular. Our approach allows us to make our financial tools more flexible and easier to use.

Our Features

By trading with us you will have access to the standard currency assets markets. At the same time, there is no need to quit the cryptocurrency field when trading through us as we provide those services too.

Another advantage is that you can diversify your investments and investment portfolio. This is possible due to the absence of any correlations between traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies.

We will provide you with a wide range of investment possibilities and investment choices. By diversifying your investment portfolio, you will be lowering your risks.

We provide an outstanding trading platform that has a variety of highly advanced functions.


Features for Classical Investors

  • Working with and trading of cryptocurrencies opens opportunities to reach higher levels of return on your investments
  • You will have the possibility to work with a new class of assets
  • You will be provided with a high level of anonymity, which is inherent to the digital assets
  • You will also be provided with the means to convert your assets


The Features of Bitcoin

This cryptocurrency is the first in the world and is the most popular among users. The name is derived from two words “bit” - the tiniest piece of information - and “coin”. The first digital coin emission was done in the year 2009. During the past years its valuation has exceeded 91 billion dollars! These phenomenal values and trading volumes have attracted professional traders as well as the public at large. The volatility and the price growth are amazing too. The price of this cryptocurrency grew by more than 800% from the beginning of the year. In order to create Bitcoins, there is a process that involves highly complex computations and algorithms. Millions of computers worldwide are used for the Bitcoin mining process.

One of the most important features of this cryptocurrency is its decentralization and the inability of it being controlled by governments or by other regulatory authorities. This gives Bitcoin a huge advantage. There are some other advantages of working with Bitcoin: the privacy of the operations, the transparency of the transactions, completing the transactions takes very little time, minimal commissions and the inability to undo the payment. All of these features have made Bitcoin extremely popular. It can be traded and exchanged just like other common currencies.

In August, a new Bitcoin branch was created. It is called Bitcoin Cash. The main advantage of Bitcoin Cash is an ability to handle more operations than Bitcoin because of a new blockchain software.

The Bitcoin Growth Chart

What happens within the Bitcoin market provides many possibilities for traders to make good profits. That is why many traders decide to include Bitcoin in their investment portfolio. Bouchard Fintech is here to provide everyone with good trading conditions and top of the line trading platforms.

Main Trading Advantages:

  • Operations can be made 24 hours per day
  • The volatility of this asset is high
  • Speculation on the price changes is possible
  • It is decentralization
  • Currency inflation is impossible

The market capitalization is: $119,466,357,217 USD


This cryptocurrency is one of the most popular financial instruments among traders. This can be explained by the level of volatility that is more than what is usually seen in traditional markets. This means that good profits can soon be obtained here too.

Ethereum stands out from other crypto assets by its platform. Its sphere of implementation spreads widely and therefore demand is driven higher.

During the last months, the price for Ethereum is going higher and higher. Now it has reached a historical new high. Seeing as Bitcoin is very popular now and that its price is growing, traders are looking for alternatives. That is partly why Ethereum is also gaining in popularity as traders seek other financial instruments to profit from. For many traders Ethereum can become the alternative to Bitcoin.

The price range of Ethereum varies for many factors. First is the constant mentions and publicity that is being done by the press. An example of that is a situation that took place some months ago. Information about errors within the algorithms started to appear in the press. Traders started to sell and the price fell significantly. However, within a couple of seconds the algorithm recovered and the price started to go back up. The fact that the situation was corrected in seconds can help explain some of the wild volatility of Ethereum. The value of these digital assets can change in a matter of seconds!

Still, it should be noted that this cryptocurrency is operating under the same rules as other usual financial instruments. Which means that a rapid rise in value may lead to a price correction.

The popularity of Ethereum has brought about new interest in this cryptocurrency from some corporations. Huge banks and investment giants are interested in the software behind this cryptocurrency.

Ethereum Growth Chart

Ethereum Features:

  • An application cannot be interrupted by a third party
  • The high encryption complexity protects from hack attacks
  • It is impossible to control the software because all the decisions are taken on a group reliability basis
  • The data is protected and unchangeable
  • Ethereum has more applications than Bitcoin does

Main Trading Advantages:

  • This is a real alternative to regular financial instruments
  • It is decentralized
  • This cryptocurrency has good prospects both for high profits and as a way to diversify costs
  • Independence from private and governmental parties
  • The value of the currency is determined by market demand

The market capitalization is $30,458,223,714 USD


Litecoin as an asset is both a cryptocurrency and an electronic payment system at the same time. It is created by a nearly identical technology as Bitcoin. Similar to other cryptocurrencies, the creation of Litecoin is not done by governmental organizations.

Litecoin has become one of the top ten cryptocurrencies based on its level of capitalization. This is one reason why so many crypto traders include Litecoin in their portfolio.

The popularity of Litecoin is constantly growing. Bouchard Trading offers the best conditions to trade Litecoin. Traders can choose the time that is most convenient for them to trade as the platform is open 24 hours per day. The price volatility associated with Litecoin provides traders with multiple possibilities to achieve huge profits.

Litecoin Growth Chart

Main Trading Advantages:

  • Privacy
  • High transaction speed
  • It is decentralized
  • The number of coins is limited
  • There is no centralized currency generation center, thus the currency cannot be controlled.

Market capitalization value is: $3,479,681,047 USD


This cryptocurrency was created to make payments directly. It provides for a payment settlement system as well as a currency exchange. In fact, this is the prototype of an open payment system. In terms of capitalization, Ripple is the third cryptocurrency in the world. Ripple is currently just below both Bitcoin and Ethereum. This crucial fact, combined with other clear advantages, is attracting traders.

Turnover for Ripple is well above 38 billion USD. Technically speaking, Ripple is an online transaction network. But, the cryptocurrency Ripple XRP is also expected. The speed of growth for Ripple is truly amazing. It grew by some 40 times when compared to the beginning of the year.

There are a number of factors that are affecting the price of Ripple. The first has to do with the amount of news and press coverage that Ripple is generating. The frequency of the emission also matters. Ultimately there will be a cap of 100 billion Ripple coins created. More than 60% of this amount belongs to Ripple.

The network is constantly improving. Its creator is seeking to work with major and more established organizations such as banks and business corporations. Now there are a number of banks that are using this cryptocurrency. The potential of growth is certainly there and therefore the value is expected to increase.

Ripple Growth Chart

Main Trading Advantages:

  • High volatility
  •      Risk hedging
  • The simplicity of operations
  • 24-hour trading

Similarities and differences between Bitcoin and Ripple


  • Decentralization, based on an open-source code
  • The anonymity of transactions and low commissions


  • Ripple has a faster transaction time
  • Ripple is a payment system that includes a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is only a cryptocurrency
  • Bitcoins continue to be generated
  • The quantity of Ripple XRP is fixed to 100 billion units

Market capitalization value is: $38,458,223,714 USD

Namecoin (NMC)

One of the assets offered by Bouchard Trader is the Namecoin cryptocurrency. Namecoin is a Bitcoin alternative. It uses alternative DNS-servers and those have created a distinction between Namecoin and Bitcoin.

The similarity between those two cryptocurrencies is that both currencies are created in a similar way. The currencies are created in a decentralized way. The limit for both currencies is set at 21 billion coins. Namecoin is based on the same algorithm as Bitcoin namely the SHA-256.

The distinguishable feature is that to trade you are obliged to register a domain name using the dot bit (.bit) extension. This cryptocurrency allows for parallel mining and is well-protected.

Namecoin Growth Chart

Main Trading Advantages:

  • Assets are well-protected
  • For every record, there is the presence of an upper-level domain name
  • Modern encryption algorithms are protecting the currency
  • This cryptocurrency is a good alternative to regular financial instruments.

Market capitalization value is: $22,764,373 USD


Dash Cryptocurrency

This currency is called the crypto of the new generation. All the participants are equal and they work on an open platform. The transactions are made directly, without banks or any other financial institutions. Just like with other cryptocurrencies there is something similar between Dash and Bitcoin. However, the speed of transactions, the absence of commissions and the use of newer technologies implemented have given added advantages to Dash over Bitcoin.

Dash takes the seventh position within the cryptocurrency rating system and can be accepted for payments. The demand for Dash is growing constantly and this, obviously, affects the price. Investors are showing increased interest in Dash due to the high price of Bitcoin. For many traders, Dash is a real alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin.

Main Trading Advantages:

  • The possibility to diversify an investment portfolio
  • This is part of a new market trend
  • An investment alternative to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • 24-hours trading

The features of Dash:

  • High confidentiality level
  • The transaction time is only 4 seconds
  • Global coverage
  • Lower commissions than in other networks
  • Two-level type of network

The first level of the network is aimed at the creation of the currency and is to be used for mining. The second level of the network is set aside for the speed of transactions. Experts in the field expect that this second level could create a revolution for cryptocurrencies.

Market capitalization value is: $2,511,292,068 USD

Peercoin (PPC)

The Peercoin currency is based on the Bitcoin code and has been active within the markets for the past 5 years. Despite being based on Bitcoin, Peercoin is not that similar to Bitcoin.

The similarities with Bitcoin:

  • The same mining algorithm used is the SHA-256
  • Decentralization

Even the second point in this list is not so strong because a part of the Peercoin network was changed. Users are equal but a control point was created to check mining of new coins.

The main goal of the Peercoin developers is to improve the work of the Bitcoin virtual system. That went well and that is why this relatively new cryptocurrency has so many advantages that include:

  • A new proof-of-work mechanism is used for this digital currency. This made the system safer on a long-term basis. An additional mechanism for mining and for minting Peercoin is called Proof of Stake (PoS) and Peercoin is the first system where it has been implemented
  • Mining or minting activities yield more profit with less effort
  • The system protections are more modern

The high turnaround speed and the price growth are also big advantages here.

Now there are 21 billion Peercoins. There is no pre-set limit to the number of coins that can be created. Coins can be created at a speed of 15 coins per minute. The inflation of this cryptocurrency is set at 1% per year.

Market capitalization value is $38,304,108 USD


This cryptocurrency was made for confidential transactions. The emission of this currency is made by special cryptograms. The asset is not attached to any currency. Like many other cryptocurrencies, this one is also decentralized and the transaction speed is excellent.

Monero Features

This currency was created by a team of professionals who are good with electronic money. They did not use the Bitcoin code for their work. As a result, the level of protection and privacy is higher than with the Bitcoin-based currencies. But, there are some similarities between these two currencies. These similarities are related to the technology of transferring information and for currency mining. In both cases, they are identical. Monero offers the unique electronic address and only one owner has an access key. The data is well-protected from the government and other users. Transactions implemented using this technology offer a huge level of privacy.

The main trading features.

The Monero cryptocurrency:

  • Is free from the inflation risks, independent from government actions and independent from events surrounding other currencies
  • Has a set limit of units and that protects it from constant growth  
  • Is highly reliable
  • Is totally anonymous. It is impossible to obtain any information about the currency holder
  • Has high protection levels
  • It is in the top ten of the most used cryptocurrencies
  • Has high liquidity levels

Market capitalization value is: $1,646,358,012 USD


Bouchard Fintech is a well-established investment organization with a talented team and a global reach. We offer a wide range of financial and investment services in many business sectors, markets, fields and locations. It should be noted that Bouchard Fintech is one company and that we operate various business divisions.


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