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Bouchard Financial Group is a company that is active in trading and financial technologies. The company is incorporated in Canada and has been active in this field since 2007. One division of the Bouchard Financial Group is Bouchard Crypto. This branch of the company has experience within the automatic investment interfaces field, asset management tools as well as the creation and management of investment foundations.

Block chain technology has made it possible to make operations transparent, decentralized and reach new global levels. Good results are achieved by using our technologies and combining those with our vast experience. The utilization of our technologies can be made independently and can also be carried out in combination with other investment groups.


Our Features

By trading with us you will have access to the standard currency assets markets. At the same time, there is no need to quit the cryptocurrency field when trading through us as we provide those services too. Another advantage is that you can diversify your investments and investment portfolio. This is possible due to the absence of any correlations between traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies. We provide an outstanding trading platform that has a variety of highly advanced functions.

Features for Classical Investors:

  • Working with and trading of cryptocurrencies opens opportunities to reach higher levels of return on your investments
  • You will have the possibility to work with a new class of assets
  • You will be provided with a high level of anonymity, which is inherent to the digital assets
  • You will also be provided with the means to convert your assets

Bouchard Fintech is a well-established investment organization with a talented team and a global reach. We offer a wide range of financial and investment services in many business sectors, markets, fields and locations. It should be noted that Bouchard Fintech is one company and that we operate various business divisions.


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