Business Financing

Business financing is a specialized field and we, at Bouchard Fintech, have both the knowledge and the requisite experience in this field. When it comes to business financing, you can rely on our team of experts. We will help guide you in the right direction and work with you to help achieve your goals.

We have a suite of business lending and business financing options. So, when it comes to securing the right lending and business financing solutions you can turn to Bouchard Fintech. You can be sure that our team is really ready and is very willing to help and assist you and your company.

By carefully listing to your business financials needs we can better suggest the right solution or solutions. Our recommendations are designed to meet your unique needs. As such and depending on your specific set of circumstances we can offer a variety business financing solutions.

Some of the business financing that we offer is geared at short-term solutions, some are geared at mid-term solutions and some are designed as long-term solutions. Below, are some examples of the many financing solutions that we offer.

  • Credit lines
  • Working capital
  • Receivables-based credit facilities
  • Export financing
  • Long term business loans
  • Machinery loans
  • Real-Estate loans

Short to Mid-Term Financing Solutions

Usually, a shorter duration term is geared to assist companies with short-term issues. Those could include purchasing raw materials, taking advantage of a volume discount, covering short-term needs, meeting cash flow requirements and much more.We offer credit facilities, credit lines, working capital, short-term loans, receivables financing and much more. The funds are made available to you so that you can cover the short to mid-term financing needs of your company.
The funds may be used for:

  • Purchasing of materials
  • Boosting your working capital
  • Covering of accounts payable
  • Purchasing of necessary solutions
  • Upgrading operational capacity
  • Guaranteeing letters and credit and documentary credit
  • Other urgent financial needs

At Bouchard Fintech, we offer financing and credit solutions for various needs and situations. Some of the advantages that we have to offer include:

  • A dedicated team that is specialized in lending solutions
  • Short and mid-term financing solutions
  • Credit lines and revolving lines of credit
  • Simplified credit application process
  • Qualifications can be obtained rapidly
  • The application and the process is kept confidential
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Financing that is flexible
  • Repayment options that are customized to best suit your needs
  • Financing terms that can be for two or more years

Long-Term Financing Solutions

At Bouchard Fintech, we also offer financing solutions that are designed for longer periods of time. The long-term loans are usually needed for projects or for outcomes that are expected to yield results further into the future.

The experts at Bouchard Fintech have the acumen and the expertise to truly help you and your business with your long-term financial needs. Loans that are longer-term could be to cover projects such as:

  • Purchase of real-estate for the company
  • Purchase of new machinery and equipment
  • Capital acquisitions
  • Purchase of commercial vehicles and transportation fleets
  • Bulk purchasing of key materials
  • Major overhaul of a business or business unit
  • Debt consolidation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Longer-term working capital solutions

Bouchard Fintech has much to offer when it comes to longer-term financing solutions. With our trusted financing partners, we have access to tens of millions of euros. Obviously, we have access to far more funds when needed. With our partners, we are ready to invest more as good opportunities arise.

Our long-term loans contain many service advantages and those include:

  • Specialized and customized long-term loans
  • Loans that can be stretched over many years
  • Advantageous and competitive interest rates
  • Simplified credit application process
  • Qualifications can be obtained rapidly
  • The application and the process is kept confidential
  • Repayment schedules that can run from five, to twenty-five years
  • Repayment terms can be made to fit the income stages of the company
  • Arranging financings through venture funds
  • Matching the company with private investors
  • Accepting stocks as collateral
  • Accessing funds from investment funds
  • Partnering with major banks and financial institutions
  • Work with financing experts that are authorities in this field

Bouchard Fintech is a well-established investment organization with a talented team and a global reach. We offer a wide range of financial and investment services in many business sectors, markets, fields and locations. It should be noted that Bouchard Fintech is one company and that we operate various business divisions.


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