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The energy market is constantly seeking additional capital and additional financing. At Bouchard Fintech, we have a special interest in the energy sector. The Bouchard Fintech Energy Real Assets platform was specifically designed for the energy sector. From the very beginning we have placed a high value on the oil and gas industries.

It should be noted that the Bouchard Fintech Energy Real Assets platform is also referred to as “Bouchard Fintech ERA”.

In 2012, the Bouchard Fintech Energy Income and Growth Fund I was set up. Since then, we continue to be a frontrunner in investing in the oil and gas industries. We have a track record in the energy markets and are committed to continuing our efforts in asset-based lending, financing and investing.


The Opportunities

The up-front costs within the oil and gas industry are typically very capital intensive. Additionally, the energy sector has a reputation for being a longer-term investment opportunity. This is due to the fact that is takes a considerable amount of time between initial work to when the oil, or gas, is being successfully pumped.

Our company and our team have solid foundations, experience and expertise in the energy sector including in the highly lucrative oil and gas field. With our past experience, we have developed a fundamental understanding of the energy sector and of the energy industry. Our experiences with the oil and gas industry have given us acute insight and leverage in this highly lucrative sector.

Additional Information

Knowing our strengths, we deliberately seek out energy related businesses to invest in. We keep a very open mind and are ready and willing to customize our approach so as to best suite both the target energy company and our own investment goals. Agility, flexibility and a broader vision help us to succeed in this specialized but rewarding industry.

Our aim is not only to help energy-focused companies with funding and financing but also with other ways. At Bouchard Fintech, we help companies to maximize their opportunities and to increase their levels of success. The nature of our involvement can vary depending on the energy company, the location, the exact type of work that they do and the business climate that they are in.

The types of opportunities that we seek can include the raising of capital, finding strategic partners, Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s), the securing of additional rounds of financing, lines of credit, equipment financing and much more.

Timing, as with other industries, can be very critical. A company that has an immediate opportunity is willing to be more flexible when it comes to the fees that have to be paid and the interest rates that will be applied. We actively look for such opportunities. We stand ready to seize such opportunities as they emerge.

At Bouchard Fintech Energy Real Assets, we look at the totality of the opportunity. As seek ways to make a difference within the energy markets. Our energy experts include specialists that have a deep understanding of the oil and gas sector and markets. Our team can call upon our various departments and can seek assistance from our wide network and international partners.

Specialized Energy Sector

Since the energy sector has its own challenges and opportunities we calibrate our approach to fit this industry. We have a platform that is designed specifically for the energy markets. The Bouchard Fintech ERA platform is a class above other platforms.

We appreciate how complex the energy segment is. We also understand the difficulties within the oil and gas sector. Our approach is, therefore, customized for this specialized segment. We take the best of the financial world and join it to the best practices of the energy sector. The outcome is far better and far more successful than the individual parts.

At Bouchard Fintech Energy Real Assets, we carefully seek out projects that have vast potential and show great promise. We selectively pick projects that have lower risks while offering higher rewards. Since the oil and gas business has many business stages, we pay close attention to investing at the right time. The outcomes produce better return on investments for us and our investors.

Energy Focus

There are key elements that we focus on within the energy sector. Those include:

Correct project identification and categorizations. Our experts carefully examine projects, one by one. We determine what stage a specific project is at and what are the chances for success. We also carefully consider investor’s interests and see if there is match.

Once an energy project is approved, our team starts the more in-depth work. We will research the best way to structure a financial deal. We may decide to issue a loan, or grant a line of credit. We may decide to invest directly into an energy company or find them an equity partner. By being open, by being flexible and by being creative we have much to offer. Based on what the company needs and based on our own preferences we create mutually agreeable financial arrangements. We invest both strategically and purposefully.

On the regulations and governmental concerns, there too, we can be very instrumental in helping energy companies. Our contacts, connections and our network can help oil and gas companies to overcome the many challenges that are faced in this highly-regulated industry. An action taken at the right time can save an energy company months if not years of needless delay.

When it comes to risk avoidance and risk mitigation, we take a proactive approach. We study, we research, we work to minimize risks and avoid pitfalls. We help our energy partners to steer clear from unnecessary problems and unwanted business and financial danger.

The wholistic approach at Bouchard Fintech Energy Real Assets makes a world of difference. It is especially effective in the oil and gas segment of the market and in the energy sector as a whole. In the energy markets, Bouchard Fintech Energy Real Assets is a leader.


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