Infrastructure Funds and Projects

Infrastructure and spending within the infrastructure field continues to register high growth. The demand for additional infrastructure spending is truly global. Where the infrastructure is already built, there is need for additional expansion and there is a huge need for maintaining the existing infrastructure. Where the infrastructure is partially built, there is need to complete the work and move on to the other major projects still pending. Where the infrastructure is simply not there, there is huge demand and pressure to quickly build, at least the basics.

Everywhere we look we see huge demand for infrastructure. This includes the need for roads, highways, mass transit, rapid transportation, waterways, dams, ports, railways, rail stations, and airports. Within the urban planning there is a need for building up existing towns and cities and also the need for entirely new cities and metropolises. The population needs and the added pressure of population growth, bring with them a rapidly increasing demand for even more infrastructure projects.

With the above facts, we at Bouchard Fintech, have a division and funds that are focused on infrastructure projects. Our reach is global in nature and we seek out infrastructure projects to invest in. We also search for and partner with companies that are heavily involved in infrastructure developments.

By helping to fund infrastructure projects we achieve a multitude of desirable results. Obviously, the projects that we fund require people to build them and so the companies and the workers that are involved reap many benefits. Additionally, we and our infrastructure funds also receive benefits. We achieve healthy returns on investments both in the short term and in the long term. We participate in major projects that have a lasting beneficial effect. The projects that we invest in typically grow in value. And, we bring in profits to our company, to our investment funds and our business partners.


Infrastructure Business Approach

With so many projects around the world to chose from, we at Bouchard Fintech, can pick the ones that are most suitable. We, therefore, carefully look for projects that have a high ratio of completion and success. We also search for projects that have minimal complications and minimal risk attached to them. Additionally, we also carefully consider projects to make sure that they are financially viable and highly profitable.

With our expertise, we bring added know-how and value to the projects that we associate with. Since infrastructure projects tend to be rather special, we look for opportunities that meet our strict standards. In seeking such projects, we closely examine the various advantages and opportunities. At the same time, we also examine the associated risks of the projects. By being both careful and selective we can pick projects that deliver enhanced value.

Specialized Deals

Within the infrastructure world, our efforts at Bouchard Fintech are aimed at identifying and reaching specialized deals. With our wide list of contacts and our deep roots in the infrastructure world we are able to locate investments that are winners. The deals that we make in the infrastructure world are aimed at driving up value for us and our investors. The type of expertise that we bring to infrastructure deals is both exceptional and notable. Simply put, most of the projects that we choose to participate in have been vetted for higher success and higher returns on investment.

Active, Hands-On style

From the earliest stages, we take a direct and keen interest in the infrastructure projects that we participate in. We have an active and an on-going interest in the entire infrastructure venture. Our style is to be enthusiastically involved and to have a hands-on approach.

Our team is constantly on the look out for opportunities and for improvements. We anticipate problems and work to overcome them well in advance. At Bouchard Fintech, we reach out to our business network and our vast list of contacts both in the private sector and in government. We coordinate with the relevant groups, entities and departments so that the project may advance at an optimal speed.

We seek out cost-saving measures, project streamlining and ways to shorten the timeline. Our combined efforts, within the infrastructure world, tend to yield cost-savings, higher profits and better investment value.

Global Reach

Our infrastructure projects are broad, diverse and global. We seek out different projects that meet a variety of infrastructure needs. Bouchard Fintech has the team, the know-how and the ability to reach the right infrastructure projects around the world.


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