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Real estate is one of the largest business segments in the world economy. At Bouchard Fintech, we are very active in the real estate business. We also have a history that goes back to 1999. It was then that we commenced our involvement in real estate and we started to pursue deals and financing opportunities in this lucrative segment. Since then, we continue to offer many services and specialized financial solutions in this field.

Starting in 2011, we decided to expand our involvement in real estate and in the credit markets that specialize in real estate. That is why we have a division that is focused on real estate, on investments in real estate and asset management. The division is called Bouchard Fintech Real Estate. We also set up a platform that is dedicated to the real estate and to asset management.

Today, we can confidently say that we are able to participate in a project from inception, to planning, to construction and on to completion. We can be there at every stage of a real estate project. We and can bring our expertise and our financial services to help finance projects regardless of size, timing or location.

It is important to note that Bouchard Fintech Real Estate has $4.5 billion that is invested and / or is equity that has been set aside for real estate funding. With so much investment, we have become an important partner and financial backer in the real estate world. As an international company, we provide specialized services and financial solutions that are aimed at the world of real estate.




The Bouchard Fintech Real Estate Team

At Bouchard Fintech, we have an outstanding team of real estate experts and dedicated specialists. In June of 2017 our team stands are more than fifty real estate professionals and asset managers. Our team is focused on providing quality services and solutions in real estate credit, in real estate financing and in asset management.

We have offices in seven cities located in five different countries. Our professionals are ready to assist clients with their real estate financings.

Quality Differenced

For those seeking to invest in or to finance real estate deals, we are the right partner for you. One of the most important advantages that we offer is our team and the outstanding services that our team has to offer. The Bouchard Fintech Real Estate team is a key component of our success and is an important partner in the field of real estate investing and financing.

We have successfully completed many real estate transactions and we continue to carefully seek new opportunities and new projects in this business segment. Our own team, our partners, our associations and our vast business network all share and exchange information that is vital to our success in this field. Bouchard Fintech Real Estate is careful to study and take notice of important construction projects, zone changes, new projects and infrastructure developments. The information we gain and the insight that we have help us to identify what segments and areas will yield the best financial results.


Bouchard Fintech is a well-established investment organization with a talented team and a global reach. We offer a wide range of financial and investment services in many business sectors, markets, fields and locations. It should be noted that Bouchard Fintech is one company and that we operate various business divisions.


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