Bouchard Web Trader Platform

Which operations can be performed using the Bouchard Web Trader platform?

Description: The Bouchard Web Trader Platform is a modern resource for those who are conducting financial operations and trading via the internet.

The Bouchard Web Trader platform is an optimized resource which provides traders with direct access to the capital markets. Regardless of the securities being traded and the preferences of the trader, the Bouchard Web Trader platform is well designed to handle them all. Traders have the ability to choose the technical level that they are comfortable with. Traders also have the choice to set the quotation frequency as well as make other important choices. A trader using the Bouchard Web Trader platform can set their own parameters to best suit their own preferences. With the Bouchard Web Trader platform traders can:

  • Use the main functions of trading orders
  • Manage the trading positions
  • Study the market with the trading instruments available
  • Explore the network interface using the multi-language platform

The Main Advantages Of The Bouchard Web Trader Platform

We can name many advantages for using this platform and here are some of them:

  • This platform is optimized for quick market access. It gives traders the option to trade more than one hundred different assets including oil, metals, stocks, shares, cryptocurrencies, gold, silver and other securities
  • The platform includes some 250 indicators and charts
  • It has trailing stop orders
  • The platform interface is multi-lingual
  • The platform has an impressive number of connections
  • It can localize the trading positions and it allows for the managing of different accounts independently.

Which browsers are supported by the Bouchard Web Trader platform?

The platform is fully functional when you access it via the latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Safari

Can you use the platform via mobile access?

If you install the Bouchard Mobile application for Android OS on your mobile phone, you can have full access to the mobile markets via the Bouchard Web Trader platform. You can fully trade using this mobile application. It should be noted that the Bouchard Mobile application has the following advantages:

  • Supports Edge, 3G and Wi-fi connections
  • Adapts the data flow to the connection speed

The Main Advantages of the Bouchard Mobile:

  • It maintains a stable connection with the server
  • Orders are made in seconds
  • You can use a wide spectrum of trading orders
  • The mobile version displays all of the OSO functions
  • It opens up access to trading reports
  • You can trade directly from the chart
  • You can see the full trading history

In other words, Bouchard Mobile provides the user with the latest information about cryptocurrencies, commodities, raw materials and other critical aspects of the markets.

What is Bouchard Mobile for iOS?

Bouchard Mobile IOS is an application that helps you to trade on a daily basis. It allows you to work with the full functionality using Apple iOS devices. With this mobile application, you can also:

  • Analyze the markets
  • Have instant access to the markets
  • Have access to all of the instruments to trade remotely, simply by having a good internet connection.

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