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We are a team of sophisticated and experienced investment experts. We have experience and expertise in digital currencies and crypto currencies. At Bouchard Fintech, we have a number of investment services and options.
One specialized area of our expertise is specifically designed for investors that are interested in digital currencies and crypto currencies. Our range of services is aimed at new investors, at experienced investors and also at those investors that are more established.
To be sure, our services include the now-famous bitcoin. We also offer a number of other crypto currencies and altcoins too.

Core Services


Bitcoin (BTC) is a new type of currency. It is called digital or cryptocurrency and it was created within the Internet. It is produced and distributed thanks to special mathematical algorithms. It was created to function on a decentralized and independent network. Bitcoin can be used as a means of payment when you want to buy goods or services. It can be exchanged for other currencies.


Ethereum is a platform designed to create decentralized applications using blockchain technology and intelligent contracts. Ethereum is set up using encryption tools and algorithms. As a result, they function without any breaks, provide scalability, transparency, are cheap to use and are simple to develop.


Litecoin is a new mining pool. It is a one-of-a-kind and gives users the opportunity to mine using a unique, patented technology. This method makes the mining process far more effective. Blein Litecoin Mining is highly praised within the international mining community.



DASH, which was called DarkCoin in the past, is a virtual payment system using the X11 algorithm. The system has its own official transaction mixer called DarkSend which prevents anyone from tracking the sender.


Zcash is a decentralized cryptocurrency with open source code. It provides privacy and selective transparency of transactions. Zcash payments are published in generally available blockchain but the information on the sender, the recipient and the transaction amounts are all hidden.

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Supplementary Services

Digital and Crypto Currencies – Brief Explanation

Bitcoin is a digital currency. It is not a currency that was created by a central bank but rather was set up by a community. Bitcoins can be used effectively to transfer payments without going through a bank! Bitcoins can boast a high level of security and stability. More notably, bitcoins can be transferred securely and anonymously!
Due to the success of bitcoin, other crypto currencies have been created. Those other currencies are referred to as altcoins. To date, hundreds of altcoins have been established. Each digital currency or altcoin has its own characteristics and advantages. As with other currencies, these too are mined and are also traded.

Digital-Currency Mining

Digital currencies are generated by a process known as “mining”. Essentially new units of the target currency are generated by a computer system. The process is time-consuming and requires substantial amounts of computer processing power.

Bitcoin is the more famous digital-currency and mining bitcoin has an increasing level of difficulty built into the process. This means that it takes more and more effort to produce less and less bitcoins.

Other currencies may be mined with less time and resources than mining for bitcoins. This is an important detail to keep in mind.

Bitcoin Mining – Added Details

Bitcoin miners invest time and effort to generate bitcoins. The entire process is computer intensive. There are mathematical problems that must be solved in order for the users to create more bitcoins. The level of difficulty of those mathematical problems keeps rising. Therefore, it takes more computer time and more computer processing power to get to the next level.

Computer software programs and specialized equipment have been created to more efficiently mine bitcoins. There are many systems that are specialized in the field of bitcoin mining. As new systems are introduced, the competition increases and bitcoin miners must optimize their systems in order for them to stay competitive.

Crypto Currencies and Bitcoin Mining Services

We have a team of experts that has specialized in the field of digital currencies, also known as crypto currencies. We have accumulated significant knowledge and expertise in the field crypto currency mining as well as bitcoin mining.
We recognize that there are many levels of investors and have designed our services to suite the unique needs of the investors. So, whether you are a new investor, an expert or even a large and well-established investor we have services and offerings that can fit your exacting needs.
When it comes to bitcoin and bitcoin mining, we have an easy to use system that is designed to help you to increase your speed and, therefore, increase your results. Our services include the use of software that is geared for this demanding and specialized field.

Advanced and Specialized System

We have honed our skills and improved our innovative and unique system to optimize bitcoin mining. How so? By targeting altcoins, we can speed up the mining process. We can mine altcoins and then convert to bitcoins. By doing so we can avoid the highly crowded market space of the bitcoin farm. It is a smart and effective way around this problem and we have the know-how to apply these methods effectively. We can, therefore, help you to circumvent some of the big problems and reach your targets faster and more efficiently.

Added to the above, we also provide access to bitcoin mining and enable our clients to mine more efficiently by using our mining services.

Mining Services Plus Increased Profitability

We specialize in this area and have advanced mining services that you can access. Effectively, you can make use of our considerable computing power and put it to work for you. Simply put, you can rent computing power from us to increase your results and profitability.

We should point out that we have services for rent that are fast, efficient and offer a high level of reliability. Our services are optimized and are set to eliminate needless delays and avoid any service interruptions!


Bouchard Fintech is a well-established investment organization with a talented team and a global reach. We offer a wide range of financial and investment services in many business sectors, markets, fields and locations. It should be noted that Bouchard Fintech is one company and that we operate various business divisions.


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