Darkside DASH mining

You see just numbers, we see the technologies lying behind them.

DASH, which was called DarkCoin in the past, is a virtual payment system using the X11 algorithm. The system has its own official transaction mixer called DarkSend which prevents anyone from tracking the sender.

The DASH Cryptocurrency has a set limit of 22,000,000 coins and it takes about 2.5 minutes to generate a block in the system.

DarkSend is an improved and wider version of a technology called CoinJoin. It provides users with the opportunity to stay private during the process of transferring money.

The DASH virtual payment system is decentralized, highly anonymous (thanks to new methods of chain anonymization). It has a redenomination mechanism, a procedure of preliminary transaction mixing in a background mode.

Information on the Dashcoin cryptocurrency (DSH)

Special features of Dashcoin

The coin quantity is 18 446 744 073 709 551 616 of atomic units. After this the number of blocks is closed and mining will be stopped. This measure helps to avoid inflation and it provides a stable increase of the price.

The system is completely anonymous. It provides protection of the user data and protection from hacking attacks.

Dashcoin (DSH) Mining Special Features

Dash, like other cryptocurrencies, is mined by Bouchard Fintech using a complex program. The calculations are implemented with the help of a special calculating devices. As soon as a new block is open, the complexity of mining changes. Also, the prize for the block opening changes proportionally. The miners that opened the first blocks receive the biggest quantity of DSH, and those who mined the last coins receive less.

The prize for DSH mining decreases according to a special formula that is set out below:

Prize = ((264–1) – quantity of dash mined)/218

The DSH Cryptocurrency is comparatively young and therefore the opportunity to make large profits in the future is high. Investors who initially paid, $20 to $30 for Bitcoin, were later able to sell their Bitcoins for hundreds of thousands of dollars and in some cases even millions of dollars. This is so, because the miners who opened the first blocks were able to receive large numbers of coins at fairly low prices. Later the price for opening Bitcoin block became cheaper but the price of Bitcoin became a thousand-fold higher.

Dash is in top 10 of most popular cryptocurrencies. Evan Duffield, the project creator, found some bottle necks in Bitcoin and suggested to its inventors some useful innovations. His innovations were refused. After that Evan Duffield decided to develop his own system.

Pros of Dash Mining:

  • Highly anonymous
  • Highly decentralized
  • Quick and convenient operations
  • All the transactions are automated
  • Exclusive X11 technology helps to save energy in mining
  • Democratic algorithm of management (any owner of the cryptocurrency can suggest some innovation)
  • A combination of several cryptographic algorithms is used




20 000 MН/s – $119 990  


 50 000 MH/s - $249 990


100 000 MH/s – $449 990


Fees for the technical services are applicable

Contract duration

24 months


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