The Collosus Ethereum Mining is the mining pool that combines high intelligence with advanced technologies.

Ethereum is a platform designed to create decentralized applications using blockchain technology and intelligent contracts. Ethereum is set up using encryption tools and algorithms. As a result, they function without any breaks, provide scalability, transparency, are cheap to use and are simple to develop. The encryptions are so advanced that they almost eliminate the possibility for third parties to change the data or influence the workings of the system.

Users can be sure that the Ethereum platform incorporates many of the positive aspects of blockchain technology. It also enables developers to make their own systems using it as the basis for their own applications.

The Ethereum currency is called ether (ETH). When a user creates an account, a contract is automatically assigned to it. The currency is used as a method for a user to make payments. The logics behind the application environment offer smart transactions and are similar to the transactions made using Bitcoin.

Ethereum is more than simply another digital currency. Due to the solidity of the encryption code used, it has many advantages that go way beyond simply being another cryptocurrency. The wider the Ethereum applications become, the higher the demand for Ethereum will be.

Lately Ethereum prices have increased greatly and have reached historical highs. While Bitcoin continues to grow in popularity, cryptocurrency miners are looking at other cryptocurrencies that they can benefit from. It is interesting to note that Ethereum and Bitcoin are not competitors. Therefore, the growth of one can be followed by the growth of the other.

Ethereum mining involves a lot of time and processing capacity. The Ethereum miner, like Bitcoin miners, are rewarded by solving complex mathematical tasks using blockchain technology. Our team consists of experts, from different scientific fields, who successfully complete the tasks that have been requested by our internationally-based individual and institutional clients.

Why Bouchard Mining?

To stay competitive, miners need to optimize their mining equipment on a regular basis. The more often that new computing models come out, the more often that a miner will need to update their own equipment. As soon as a new mining rig enters the market, the old ones become outdated and, consequently, are less productive and less profitable. At the same time, this constant development of technology increases the computing complexity. As a result, we have a continuous loop that drives a need for newer optimization. For this reason, it is very essential to start mining using the best equipment available in the market and to do so as soon as possible. By doing so, mining activities will generate new money for a longer period of time without any loss of time.



2 500 MН/s – $74 990 


10 000 MH/s - $289 990


25 000 MH/s – $699 990


Fees for the technical services are applicable

Contract duration

24 months


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