Quant ZEC mining gives users the opportunity to mine Zcash.

The computing capacity has been optimized to mine this cryptocurrency successfully and to reach the desired investment goals.

Zcash is a decentralized cryptocurrency with open source code. It provides privacy and selective transparency of transactions. Zcash payments are published in generally available blockchain but the information on the sender, the recipient and the transaction amounts are all hidden.

A high level of privacy is the main innovation of Quant ZEC. Zcash uses highly modern cryptographic technologies, namely the zero-knowledge proof. This enables transaction approval without having to open the information on them.

How does Zcash work?

Zcash encrypts information of the protected transactions. Since the transactions are encrypted and private, the system uses innovative cryptographic methods to verify payments.

Zcash uses zero-knowledge proof called the zk-SNARK which was developed by a team of experienced cryptographs using the newest discoveries in the field of cryptography. This tool makes the information on accounts, parties, and transaction amounts very safe. Payment metadata are encrypted and zk-SNARK is used to prove the parties are being honest.

Zcash gives its users an opportunity to make payments just like Bitcoin users can. Due to types of addresses, open and hidden, the users can decide if their payments will be open or hidden. When a transfer is made from an open address to another open one, the sum is generally accessible but if the transfer is made to a hidden address then the sum is hidden.

Zcash mining?

The main advantage of Zcash is that it can be easily exchanged for Bitcoins. Zcash mining can become an easy and a relatively inexpensive way to enlarge your Bitcoin collection. Zcash can also be exchanged for other, more traditional, currencies. Therefore, ZEC mining can help you to increase your account deposits and portfolio. Added to that, some big stocks make it possible to change ZEC directly to euros or dollars. Mining may become an optimal way to enter the cryptocurrency market which is known for its high volatility.

Bouchard Fintech offers its client many opportunities to increase their assets. One way we do that is by helping clients with our mining experience and our high-tech equipment.

It has become clear that Zcash is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and it is in direct competition with Ethereum. Both Zcash and Ethereum are competing to become the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

In June ZEC cost more than $400. Zcash mining will give traders and investors an opportunity to use the rising potential of Zcash without too much risk of losing their investments. Other cryptocurrencies have higher risks that Zcash. Cryptocurrency mining fits well with the old saying of buying low and selling high. With Zcash you are investing in a good asset. You can be rewarded by renting the equipment and mining this lucrative cryptocurrency. The asset price of Zcash is high enough in the after-market and, at times, might even be higher than the buying price.

Hashing Rate, Complexity and Price

Since starting up in the last quarter of 2016 the general hashing rate of Zcash network is quickly rising. However, the time block calculation time is not decreasing. Zcash blockchain automatically adjust the block complexity to save the average time spent for one block. The complexity is closely related to the hashing rate. It is also set to increase exponentially this year.

Why are the complexity and the hashing rate rising so quickly? The answer is clear and simple and it has to do with its price.




75 000 Н/s – $129 990 


200 000 H/s - $319 990


500 000 H/s – $799 990


Fees for the technical services are applicable

Contract duration

24 months


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